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Leather Quiver Pattern

Written by: Magnus



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You may have discovered this page as I work towards another way of distributing instructions, tools, and supplies to people.

Hey everyone! Magnus here, Here with one of my earlier Blog posts to do with the patterns I produce. Today we're diving into the world of leathercraft to create a unique belt quiver with a touch of intricate knotwork. Don't forget, you can find all the patterns and artwork for this project right here on my website as well as links to all the tools throughout this post.

How to Make a Leather Quiver

The Basic Tools to get you started

Need Tools? I've got you covered with my curated list of tools. These include the Basic Tools everyone needs, Carving Tools for adding Art, as well as other tools and supplies necessary to complete this specific project. Better yet any purchases made through my links help me directly.

Leather carving to take things to another level

Anyone who knows me, knows I love leather carving. I stick to Knotwork and Viking Inspired imagery but you can let your imagination run wild with your own artwork, or use the art supplied in this fantastic pattern.

Looking for tools to get started? Just like my other lists I have a great personally curated list of leather carving tools right here for you.

Quiver Patterns


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The Author: Magnus

A Leathercrafter and Content Creator. Magnus specializes in Medieval, Fantasy, and Viking Inspired Props and Costumes.

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