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Vambrace and Elbow Pattern - Leather Armor - Viking Artwork

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A Leather Vambrace and Elbow Pattern for all your combat, costume, or cosplay needs. Designed for SCA combat this pattern is fairly bomb proof when wax hardened. If rattan combat isn't your thing, it can easily be used in your next costume or cosplay, and looks great as a part of your suit of leather armor.

This is not a one size fits all pattern, some adjustments may be needed to make it work for you.

This is a good base for a variety of people, you may have to tweak the overall length and width of the Vambrace slightly, but the elbow will remain unchanged. The exact measurement of this pattern without adjustment is for 11.25" elbow point to bump at the wrist pinky side.

Small is very small, the elbow and vambrace have both been adjusted, as well as stitch hole placement and upper layers. This is designed for smaller adults, and older children. The exact measurement of this pattern was for 9.5" elbow point to bump at the wrist pinky side.

* Please note that I add a rolled edge using a sewing machine on my arms, this is by no means necessary and isn't really something I would attempt to do with hand stitching. As such it is not in this pattern.

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  • Please credit Dark Horse Workshop as the artist when used.
  • I may relinquish the usage rights if the rules are not followed.