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Shoulder Armor Pattern / Pauldrons- Leather Armor - Viking Knotwork - PDF - SVG

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A Leather Shoulder Armor Pattern, this Pauldron is for SCA rattan combat, costume, or cosplay. It comes with Viking Knotwork that you can carve onto the leather if that's something you'd like to do ( see photos ).

Because of its size, I am skeptical that many people will use it for Sport Combat / SCA, but if you're someonee Piking / Spearing away it may actually be just fine.

Sometimes called a Spaulder, or Pauldron if it's bigger, these will look great as part of your next armor build.

Be sure to check out the Tutorial Video, as well as all the other Leather Armor Patterns from Dark Horse Workshop when available.

Comes with PDF and SVG files

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