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Rawhide Shield Edging - Various Sizes

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These are natural rawhide strips, 4.25" wide, and of various lengths. I've priced them so people can buy up shorter strips for half the cost of the longer strips if they're on a budget.

Also, more often than not the wood of your shield will fail before the rawhide, so you can possibly get multiple shields out of the same strip of rawhide.

Use the diameter of your shield (with any rope edging etc. With this calculator: and add 3 inches for overlap, to get your needed length. Remember to add for overlap for every additional peice of rawhide.

This is what I use in my shield tutorial video on YouTube, and you can also buy the digital pattern for this edging right here on the website: Viking Shield Pattern

Please be sure to take into account that rawhide shrinks a bit as it dries and to allow for proper overlap on your shield edges.

Pricing rises as length increases. Each range band has a multiplier.

5"-9" = .15
10"-20" = .25
21"-30" = .30
31"-40" = .35
41"-50" = .40
51"-60" = .55
61"-70" = .60
71"-80" = .65
81"-90" = .70
91"-95" = .80
96"+ = .90

  • Injuries happen, as such Dark Horse Workshop can not guarantee you will become invulnerable when this armor is worn. As such it is sold as costume armor. Take care of it, and have fun.