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Baldric Pattern - Viking / Celtic Knotwork

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Build a leather baldric with this pattern. Something for someone on the swashbuckler / pirate side of things, complete with celtic / viking knotwork for you to carve onto it if you wish, and a tutorial video.

  • This item is non-transferable and may only be made / used by the buyer.
  • This item may not be used for print, or large scale productions. It is intended for craftspeople and hobbyists. If you want to make small batches and sell them that's fine.
  • Please credit Dark Horse Workshop as the artist when used.
  • I may relinquish the usage rights if the rules are not followed.

Customer Reviews

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The good: Helpful patterns for beginners. Friendly shop...

The good: Helpful patterns for beginners. Friendly shop keeper who also offers helpful video's of which I have watched a few. Very handily lists sources for supplies which is much appreciated! Being a 'file' purchase, delivery is almost instant.The Bad: Hanger is in no way Period Accurate. Simplified design and hardware omits a number of straps and buckles that SHOULD be present. It would be nice if this pattern also included a generic template for making a scabbard since a sword is what should be carried in this 'hanger'.The last four images included with the pattern are of this vendor wearing the made Hanger/Baldric, but because they are over-sized images what prints out along with your pattern are two white backdrop pages and two images of ceiling ducting. I'd say it's time to update your pattern!

Bill Worth
I have not put it together yet but it will be amazing for...

I have not put it together yet but it will be amazing for both rattan and side sword