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No Excuses Pouch of the Dragon Times / Leather Pouch / Bag Pattern

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This Woven Pouch is PERFECT for Beginners, and looks great on any sales table. It's simple design makes it a great project for anyone, and the original version is by far one of our best selling patterns. I wanted to make something I knew anyone could make, and make well. That looked cool, was kind of medievalish, and would actually make people take the leap instead of being afraid to fail.

So I'm not sure what level of craftsperson you are, but I think this is a great pouch pattern even if you're an established creator. It's easily scale-able and a good base for different closures etc. There's no need of hand stitch, machine stitch, or even rivet. Without a doubt this pouch pattern is a real winner!

There will eventually be a proper Tutorial Video for this Pattern, but until then here's the original version of this design which is similair in construction.

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  • This item is non-transferable and may only be made / used by the buyer.
  • This item may not be used for print, or large scale productions. It is intended for craftspeople and hobbyists. If you want to make small batches and sell them that's fine.
  • Please credit Dark Horse Workshop as the artist when used.
  • I may relinquish the usage rights if the rules are not followed.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent pattern!

This is a pattern I actually watched being created live. I had to buy it. Very easy to follow and get great results.
Can use any kind of leather as well, I do love this leather Magnus used in the picture though.
Ask the patterns here are super user friendly.