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Leather Cuirass Pattern 2 - Leather Armor | Dark Horse Workshop

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* Gorget and Shoulders sold seperately.

This Leather Chest and Back / Cuirass Pattern is part of a series of builds I have completed as I work towards a full suit that is more LARP, Costumes, and Cosplay focused though could certainly be used for SCA / Rattan / Sport Com,bat.

This is currently being sold without art, but the pattern will be updated with art comparable to the recent Pauldrons and Gorget 2 patterns very soon. Buyers on this website are always notified of pattern updated they have purchased and can then download.

  • Pauldron Pattern - HERE
  • Gorget Pattern - HERE

These are the measurements of the front and back of this Cuirass, use them to figure out what may fit you best. Know that you can shorten the distance between the horizontal lames to reduce the length of things if you're stocky, so consider that Front and Back Length adjustagble down by 2 to 3 inches depending on the size if your torso is a bit shorter.

Front Length: 14”
Front Width at Upper Chest: 7.6“
Front Width at Waist: 16.40”
Back Length: 14.85”
Back Width at Upper Back: 8.75“
Back Width at Waist: 16.40”

Front Length: 15.6”
Front Width at Upper Chest: 8.5“
Front Width at Waist: 18.225”
Back Length: 16.5”
Back Width at Upper Back: 9.75“
Back Width at Waist: 18.225”

Front Length: 17.325”
Front Width at Upper Chest: 9.45“
Front Width at Waist: 20.25”
Back Length: 18.45”
Back Width at Upper Back: 10.8“
Back Width at Waist: 20.25”

Front Length: 19.25”
Front Width at Upper Chest: 10.5“
Front Width at Waist: 22.5”
Back Length: 20.6”
Back Width at Upper Back: 12“
Back Width at Waist: 22.5”

Be sure to check out all the other Leather Armor Patterns here on Dark Horse Workshop to help build out your own suit of Leather Armor.

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  • This item is non-transferable and may only be made / used by the buyer.
  • This item may not be used for print, or large scale productions. It is intended for craftspeople and hobbyists. If you want to make small batches and sell them that's fine.
  • Please credit Dark Horse Workshop as the artist when used.
  • I may relinquish the usage rights if the rules are not followed.

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