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Leather Cuirass - Breastplate - Backplate | Leather Armor | Viking Serpent

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Introducing my first Breastplate / Cuirass Release. This lovely Leather Breastplate was built for one of my YouTube videos. Like most of of my videos you can pick up the pattern here on my website.

Crafted for SCA combat, LARP, Cosplay, or whatever else you can think of, this wax-hardened leather armor showcases a stunning display of Viking serpents intricately carved across the upper chest and back, as well as additional knotwork carvings on the stomach.

Engineered for durability and style, this breastplate offers unparalleled protection in battle. Designed to fit individuals ranging from 5'10 to 6'3 and 220 to 245lbs, it exudes a perfect blend of comfort and resilience. For those outside this range, fear not, as it can be easily modified upon request to accommodate a slightly larger or smaller frame. Please note that the shoulders are not included in this package. Embrace the spirit of the Vikings with this exceptional Leather Breastplate build.

Would you rather MAKE this yourself? Watch the video below and pick up the pattern as well!