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Bazuband Pattern - Leather Armor - Viking Artwork

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A Leather Bazuband Pattern for all your combat, costume, or cosplay needs. A Bazuband is a one piece vambrace and elbow design. This was made with SCA combat in mind, and this leather armor pattern is fairly bomb proof when wax hardened. If rattan combat isn't your thing, it can easily be used in your next costume or cosplay, and looks great as a part of your suit of leather armor.

This is not a one size fits all pattern, some adjustments may be needed to make it work for you. At the time of release this pattern is made for someone with an elbow point to bump at the wrist measurement of 11", adjustments to make it smaller or larger are fairly straight forward with a slight reduction or addition to the wrist, and slight changes to the circumference of the forearm

This pattern comes with the Serpent Artwork displayed here.

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