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Modèle Baldric - Entrelacs Viking / Celtique

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Prix actuel $18.00

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Construisez un baudrier en cuir avec ce modèle. Quelque chose pour quelqu'un du côté des bretteurs/pirates, avec des nœuds celtiques/vikings que vous pourrez sculpter dessus si vous le souhaitez, et un tutoriel vidéo.

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  • Please credit Dark Horse Workshop as the artist when used/posting photos etc.
  • I reserve the right to relinquish the usage rights if these rules are not followed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zachary A
Simple and easy.

Love how the patterns print and are designed for easy printing on 8.5x11 paper at home. Was able knock the holster out in an evening for a friend of mine as a gift.

The good: Helpful patterns for beginners. Friendly shop...

The good: Helpful patterns for beginners. Friendly shop keeper who also offers helpful video's of which I have watched a few. Very handily lists sources for supplies which is much appreciated! Being a 'file' purchase, delivery is almost instant.The Bad: Hanger is in no way Period Accurate. Simplified design and hardware omits a number of straps and buckles that SHOULD be present. It would be nice if this pattern also included a generic template for making a scabbard since a sword is what should be carried in this 'hanger'.The last four images included with the pattern are of this vendor wearing the made Hanger/Baldric, but because they are over-sized images what prints out along with your pattern are two white backdrop pages and two images of ceiling ducting. I'd say it's time to update your pattern!

Bill Worth
I have not put it together yet but it will be amazing for...

I have not put it together yet but it will be amazing for both rattan and side sword