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Drawstring Pouch Pattern - Dice Bag Pattern - Viking Serpent - PDF SVG LASER

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A Leather Drawstring Pouch Pattern / Dice Bag Pattern with Viking Serpent Artwork. Great for carrying your dice to the next role-playing game session, magical herbs from the vale, or a few coins that you could in theory toss to Your Witcher.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews

    Love it, great easy leather project. I’ve made 4 for Christmas gifts for family.

    Brandon B.
    Good Base Pouch pattern

    I bought this pattern to make ren faire/ dice bags for my friend's for this Christmas. The first one of these I made I followed the pattern exactly, sans art (tan below) then the followings ones I riffed on the design. I deleted the tab/lip that was added after the instruction video posted, just used a 6 hole punch to make my stitch lines instead of following the punch marks in the template and extended the back part of the strap an extra 5" to loop back on itself and make a belt loop. Great base design, easy to modify if you have a little bit of experience. Included swivel knife art templet is great, however I wish there was more generic artwork available, even just some knots, as not every project needs Norse Dragon iconography. Recommend.


    This is a fantastic pattern! I’m a beginning leather worker and it was easy for me to put together.

    Claire Welsman
    Thank you, just what i was looking for!!

    Thank you, just what i was looking for!!

    Andrea Tani
    Amazing pattern, easy to put together and the resulting...

    Amazing pattern, easy to put together and the resulting pouch is awesome!Thanks Magnus!