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Plague Doctor Mask Pattern - Post Apocalyptic - PDF SVG Laser

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A Leather Plague Doctor Mask Pattern. This pattern has a more dystopian / post apocalyptic feel to it than most of the Plague Doctor Masks I've seen. There's a lot of lovely ones out there that are very refined and feel like they could have been made in a  factory.

But this one feels like it was made by some Jugger out in the Wasteland, with calloused hands and makeshift tools. Enjoy.

Original Pattern by Legion Props:

Be sure to check out the Tutorial Video when available.

You get both the PDF File and the SVG Laser File with this Pattern.

SIZING: This is a large size, you may scale it down, or contact me and request that I make an altered version for you. I will scale it down as well as move the holes so they aren't too close to the edge.

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