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War Belt | Leather Armor | Viking Knotwork

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This War Belt comes with your choice of artwork done with my laser cutter / engraver and is built with waxed upper plates if requested in order to meet SCA / Rattan combat requirements. 

Measurements should be taken around your natural waist, at the bellybutton, and done OVER any tunic, padding, or other items that you'll be wearing. The height of the belt adjust just slightly as your waist size goes up or down. The XL version of this belt starts at 7" and tapers down to 5" at the front, with each size smaller reduced by 10%.

Feel free to look at the artwork I have available here or request what's already displayed here, OR even your own art.

Art must be legally obtained.

Customer Reviews

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Will Glenn
An excellent looking body belt worthy of any viking lad or lady.

This looks really awesome. I do enjoy that these aren't just armor builds, but pieces of art when you add in all the details for the viking heritage that permeates your website. I would like to one day get a sewing machine as well, because that is one of the most tedious things to do.