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Demi Gauntlet Pattern - Viking / Celtic Knotwork - PDF SVG Laser

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A Leather Demi Gauntlet pattern complete with Viking / Celtic Knotwork that can be carved onto it. Attached is the tutorial video for my first demi gauntlet pattern, a lot of the concepts are still the same for this second version so be sure to check it out and follow along.

This Demi Gauntlet is identical to the Demi part of my Mitten Gauntlet Pattern. So you don't need both. But you can check out that video as well to see how it goes together, which is in all honesty, quite simply.

This video has the demi gauntlet portion in it, but is my full mitten gauntlet build.

Choose from Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes.

This Pattern comes with both a PDF file, and an SVG for lasers.

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      • No T-Shirts or other apparrel with the Artwork.
      • No large scale productions. It is intended for craftspeople and hobbyists. If you want to make small batches and sell them that's fine.
      • You ARE allowed to use Laser Cutters / Engravers, this does not fall under my "no print" terms of use. Have at it!
      • Please credit Dark Horse Workshop as the artist when used/posting photos etc.
      • I reserve the right to relinquish the usage rights if these rules are not followed.