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MAX CLR Epoxy Resin

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A modern and fantastic lining for drinking horns or wooden bowls and cutlery.

It is an absolute MUST that this product is measured as perfectly as possible, do not free pour or guess unless you want to ruin whatever you're applying it to.

Some people even weight it, setting their mixing container of choice on a scale, pouring in and recording the measurement, then resetting to 0 and pouring in the second part.

The Epoxy Experts, MAX EPOXY SYSTEMS

Color: Part A - Clear, Part B - Clear


  • FDA Compliant Coating For Brief-Use Direct Food Contact
  • Crystal Clear Coating For Wood And Other Porous Substrates
  • Chemical Resistant- Inert Surface
  • High Gloss Sealant- Prevents Absorption
  • Impact Resistant, Durable Coating, Sanitizable

Details: The MAX CLR A/B Epoxy Resin is an FDA Compliant coating system suitable for direct food contact. It is in accordance with CFR Title 21, Part 175.300, and 175.105 for direct and indirect food contact as a resinous adhesive or coatings. MAX CLR A/B is mixed 2:1 and provides 45 minutes of working time. The mixed viscosity is similar to cooking oil or light-syrup. It can be poured into place or brush applied. It offers a 30 to 45 minute working time and cures dry to the touch in 6 hours at 75°F and fully cures after 48 hours. MAX CLR demonstrates excellent chemical resistance and high impact durability. The cured coating yields a stable and inert barrier that can withstand strong santizing agents, alcohols, and acid/base compound exposure. It is an excellent sealant that prevents foodstuffs from absorbing into porous substrates such as wood, pottery, and 3D printed plastics components (PLA, PVC, PET). Typical Use And ApplicationCoating And Casting Fiberglassing And Fabric ImpregnatingClear Adhesive For Wood, Metals, Ceramics, Glass, PlasticsWood Encapsulating For Lathe Turning PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIESMix Ratio: 2:1Mixed Viscosity: 860 cPsWorking Time: 45 MinutesTack-Free Time: 4 to 6 Hours At 75°FFull Cure Time: 24 to 48 Hours At 75°FHardness: 80 Shore D Guidelines For Use For Direct Food Contact Application View Instructional Videos, Visit Our YouTube Channel Use DirectionsPrepare & Clean The Surface Determine The Amount To Be MixedUse A Scale For AccuracyMix Until Uniform (See Mixing Video)Apply Unto The Prepared SurfaceAllow To Cure For 4 to 6 Hours At 75°F Apply Secon Coat DirectlyCure Last Coat For 36 to 48 Hours At 75°FRinse With Warm Water Before Use

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 inches

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