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Modèle de masque d’apocalypse en cuir

Prix d'origine €14,95 - Prix d'origine €14,95
Prix d'origine
€14,95 - €14,95
Prix actuel €14,95

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Construisez un masque apocalypse en cuir à l'aide de ce modèle et de ce didacticiel vidéo afin de ressembler à l'enfant le plus méchant du quartier pour la fin des temps.

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  • You ARE allowed to use Laser Cutters / Engravers, this does not fall under my "no print" terms of use. Have at it!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Devon Crooks
Awesome mask!!

Pattern was easy to follow except for how the straps go together. That said, if you play around a little bit you can figure it out.

This is a wicked leather crafting project for all experience levels. Doesn’t take as long as you would think and when you’re finished with it you’ll be amazed at how cool it looks. Like a cross between bane and Hannibal Lecter.

One thing to make it more comfortable is to glue a piece of foam on the nose part.

Definitely recommend this pattern. Keep up the great work, Magnus!

Kalen Lewis
Great pattern, easy to use

Pattern worked very well. My only complaint was a lack of clarity on how the straps connect, but its easy enough to figure out if you watch the video.

Brian Quinones-Berry
Easy to purchase, downloaded and got started right away.

Easy to purchase, downloaded and got started right away.

Antonio Billard
A quality pattern at a reasonable price. The companion video...

A quality pattern at a reasonable price. The companion video was well visual and to the point.

Stephane Fournier
Dark Horse Workshop always makes great patterns, and his...

Dark Horse Workshop always makes great patterns, and his videos are also very informative. I've been using leather for years, but this made me see another aspect of leather work that I did not dabble into before. Thanks for making this available !