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Leg Armor Pattern 2 - Leather Armor - PDF SVG - Viking Knotwork

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A Leather Leg Armor Pattern for all your combat, costume, or cosplay needs. Designed for SCA rattan combat. If rattan combat isn't your thing, it can easily be used in your next costume or cosplay, and looks great as a part of your suit of leather armor. This pattern also comes with Viking Art for the thigh and Knee.

The Knee on this pattern is a single piece with carefully placed darts to help it curve. I wanted to have a more rounded steel type knee without having a seem right on the center.

This pattern should be scaled to fit you appropriately, though new sizes will be released extremely quickly as I finish them.

If you want to try leather carving this pattern comes with Viking knotwork.

Complete: Small / Medium / Large / XL

Though I am usually fairly quick with my new sizes, the initial size on this pattern is "Large" as people buy the other sizes they will be moved to the front of my que and I'll work on getting them done as soon as possible. I usually get all my sizes done in a few days after a release like this. What does this mean for you? You will receive a LARGE size of this Pattern when you purchase it, and an update email for your requested size when it is complete. So you end up getting a bonus size for being an early bird. Thanks!

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Here is me working on the knee cop during one of my live streams.

This is a video of my original leg armor pattern, there's certainly some things that are similar so watch this video until I get one up for this new pattern.


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